Get your free copy of Jarvis

After 3 weeks of amateur programming, finally I have completed my Jarvis 1.0. It is written in Python programming language, based on the API yahoofinancials.

Get your copy at my github repository for free, if you are interested. I have written some basic guidelines on how to use the Jarvis there.

So the idea of developing it was triggered by a wild thought of doing weird statistical analysis on some of my holdings, and accelerated by my busy work commitments where I will no longer have the luxury to waste my time scrolling IN. So I need someone to tell me what's happening in the market.

With all historical and latest price data on hand, I started to have different ideas on what and how I want to see.

- Have my own watch list by kicking out those dead fish counters or fraud counters
- Get rid of those irritating stocks that spikes on low volume
- Get all stocks with continuously increase/decrease in closing price (borne out of dissatisfaction on random-pop up in stockscafe)
- Define arbitrary moving average values
- Instead of knowing 52-week high/low, or 3-month high/low; why not knowing the exact n-day high/low for each stock?

Slowly, I added them one by one; and I now deem current work decent enough to be released as v1.0. What's of great convenience to me is that I can simply add counters from other exchanges, and I don't need to rely on separate platforms to check out price actions. Fantastic increase in productivity.

The Jarvis is still quite incompetent, where it needs to take about an hour to get latest data for stocks in my list. In comparison, getting huge archive data takes only few minutes. I guess this is the limit of free Yahoo API service. And because it is free, sometimes there are data gaps in the archive; which I first encountered this week. Posted the issue in yahoo forum but I wonder would it get any attention from the official team.

You may wonder why a self proclaimed FA person like me need to check on the market constantly; which I share the same doubts sometime. But somehow I am also addicted to this meaningless scrolling on my handphone while lying on my couch. Such is my lazy nature. Luckily my busyness has forced me to get out of it.

To be honest, I think I was more driven by my desire to improve my amateur programming skills, by developing something that I would love to have. An amateur PA developed by an amateur engineer for amateur investor.

Time to roll it out. Have fun modifying for your own entertainment.