Local news:
Nextinsight - must read lobang site
The Edge Singapore latest news 
CJ 成就财经 - valuable articles and recommendation
SGinvestors - free market summary and analyst reports
DBS research corner - good range of insights and analysis

Platform / Forums:
IN - Investing Note, must go platform with many experienced investors and great charting tool
SGInvest Bloggers - A place where posts from most local investors' blogs are available
Valuebuddies - the best no-nonsense local stock forum
Sharejunction - basically gossip corners but there are valuable information sometimes
华新财经版 - local chinese forum

Company annoucement
Company details (can be used for stocks screening as well)
Daily short sell report

China & Hong Kong:
雪球 - one of the best investment platform for China stocks

Seeking alpha: stock market insights

Learning materials:
自己做FundMan - Great introductory series on investing in stocks market by famous HK asset manager Alex Wong