Portfolio Update - 2018 Aug

What a way to end my first year of investing journey! My two top holdings: the AA tag team, AEM & AMAL, were whacked upside down furiously. Could never imagine that I am so accurate in picking the right stock, in a wrong direction.

Anyway, I have not sold single share of them, as there isn't any deterioration in their fundamentals. As their huge plunge made my return looks real ugly, they are not my biggest mistakes so far, although there are valuable lessons learnt in each of them.

How my current local portfolio changed since July:

1/7/201831/8/2018Dividends% change
Alliance Mineral0.3750.3-20.0%
% return after weightage: -13.1%

And the performance of those stocks that I sold for past two months:

Sold31/8/2018 % change

% return after weightage: -7.6%

How lucky am I to have pared down 1/3 of my AMAL and sold Memtech. And I am also lucky that those HK&China counters that I bought for past two months has done better, given the greater volatility of the bigger sea there.

Bought31/8/2018Dividends% change 
Xiwang Steel1.781.750.167.3%
Nexteer10.92(Sold at)
ND Paper9.28.9-3.3%
Jinma Energy4.664.65-0.2%
Luye Pharma8.387.39-11.8%
Kingboard Chem28.9527.9-3.6%
Wanhua Chemical4649.37.2%
Ping an Insurance58.6562.987.4%
% return after weightage: 2.2%

I have sold Nexteer this month to pocket a 10% gain (which could be 20% gain if I hold it, C'est la vie) and bought Kingboard Holdings after their latest results. The rest of them posted either decent or good latest quarter results, which reassures my confidence in holding them. 

Nonetheless, at this point of time, I have failed both my objectives for my first year: to beat STI index, and to have positive returns; which drives me into looking what I have done so wrong that results in such a pitiful return. As a growing investor, I have indeed grew significantly in my knowledge and experience in investment or trading or whatsoever; but the second part of the equation or the purpose of the first part: growing investment didn't came. I had simply made too many mistakes and will dissect them in next post. 

I have not give up on this journey yet, hopefully my sophomore year would be a better one.